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XiaoYu 小羽


By Xiaochen, Luo Dec.8 2016

We had an in-depth interview with Xiaoyu, a regular college student in China. The only thing that differentiate her from other same age peers is her sex orientation, lesbian. She shared her personal story and experience with us since she was a child. We were so touched by her story, and she reminds us coming up with one question, how many young people and college students like Xiaoyu in China. More than 90 million people in China are belong to LGBTQ community. Actually, more than half of them are young generation from 18-30. Thus, one of our goals of doing this web site is to build an online community and especially approach Chinese young people to let them understand the situation and problems of Chinese LGBTQ community.  


“I thought me being lesbian was a sin”


Xiaoyun had suffered from the confusion and the depression for years. Her perception about being a lesbian was affected by Chinese education and traditional cultural values. Hence, this is the most important reason why she was so torturous by her sex orientation. Even now, some books written in Chinese still define homosexuality as a mental disease. Xiaoyu should have a happy dating experience like other peers during the middle school. However, due to the discrimination of LGBTQ, Xiaoyu and her partner both thought that they cannot have a future relationship. They felt upset about the pressure and discrimination coming from the society, family, and the surrounding environment.


“Because when I came out, she was put into the closet”


Xiaoyu shared her funny story when she came out to her mother. The challenge of coming out of the closet is not only to LGBTQ people, but also to the parents. Xiaoyu was right, once she told her mother the truth, her mother have to make a choice, whether or not tell others the truth when introducing her daughter and her daughter’s partner to friends or other families. Therefore, the point of the problem is how to eliminate the discrimination. We hope that when time goes by, China will have a fair society for LGBTQ.

Today, we are here sharing people’s stories to eliminate discrimination about LGBTQ people. Nowadays, gay related drama in China still will be removed from all streaming sites. There is still no Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube in China. We need to step out and speak for China and LGBTQ community. The wrong perception of education in China need to be changed. Chinses schools have to teach their students the accurate knowledge about LGBTQ.

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