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China brings you the diverse stories of China's LGBTQ community. With an estimated 70 million LGBT population, China is yet one of the most conservative and oppressive countries towards non-straight people. The project exists to bring human stories of the largely invisible community to the world so that we can have more courage and confidence in this human rights movement.

OutChina 是中国LGBTQ的影像合集。 我们希望通过多元的个人故事,提高中国LGBTQ社群的能见度,让更多人了解我们的存在。



Introduction to China's LGBT in 4 minutes



小学五年级发现自己和其他女孩子不一样,发现自己喜欢女孩的时候,我问自己“是不是投胎太着急,跑错了身体,为什么我是女孩却喜欢女孩?”那时候没有手机也没有网络,身边没有任何可以帮助的人,觉得全世界好像就我是这样的,会不会被别人知道了,把我抓起来去做研究? I found myself different from other girls at fifth grade. When I realized I liked girls, I asked myself, "Was I born into a wrong body? Why I am a girl but like girls?" I had no way to find out if this was normal. I had no one to turn to for help and felt I was the the only one like this in the world. Would I be taken for lab research if someone else knew it?

Yunran 韵染

在我的成长过程中,我小心翼翼地将我的心隐藏了起来。私底下,我偷穿妈妈衣服的鞋子,在游戏中也永远扮演女性角色。而在别人面前,我一直都是一个符合传统刻板印象的男孩子。 I carefully hid myself as I grew up. I secretly put on my mom’s clothes and shoes, and I always played female roles in video games. But when I was in front of others, I was always the stereotypical kind of boy.

Mengwen Cao

我爸妈觉得我从来没有谈过恋爱。我们从来不讨论感情问题,因为我有个秘密:我喜欢女生。 虽然我很想让我的家人更了解我,但是这个秘密一直阻止我的坦白。所以我给他们写了一封信。 My parents think I have never fallen in love. We don't talk about relationships, because I have a secret: I like girls. As much as I want my family to know me better, the fear stops me from revealing the truth. So I wrote a letter to my parents.

Ashley Jiang

18岁第一次喜欢女生的时候,我甚至不敢说“同性恋”这个词。中国的教育体制把我规训的很乖,而女同性恋这个身份让我能够打破传统的单一思维。 I didn't even dare to say the world "gay" when I first fell in love with a girl at 18. Chinese education system has tamed me to think in a singular way. Being a lesbian gave me a chance to challenge the hegemonic thinking.

Charlene Liu

中国体制的压制可以让我们更有创造力。我们没有权利在街上游行,但很可能我们并不真正需要它。 The oppression in China stimulates our creativity. We don't have the right to parade. But perhaps we don't really need it.

Li Xiang

我成为山西省第一批的艾滋病快检员,就给我身边一群好“姐妹”做了检查。结果是,阳了,又阳了。 I became one of the first fast testers of HIV in Shanxi Province, so I tested my friends. The results were, Positive. Positive.

Lilith Chan

我就是藉由酷儿身份,完成了对自己的性别认同,成为了一枚不听父权制的话的女性。说自己是酷儿,首先是反对异性恋秩序下对女性的角色期待,其次是我反对单偶制的性关系。 Through my queer identity, I’ve come to understand my gender identity and become a woman who doesn’t listen to the patriarchy. To say that oneself is queer, firstly, is to oppose the heterosexual expectations of the female role, secondly, is to oppose the system of monogamous relationships.


我在大学的时候,写了一篇关于性的论文,被老师推广。从那时候开始就开始做性相关的教育和推广。当时不懂什么同志运动,只是找到了一群志同道合的朋友,完成了对自我的认同。 When I was in university, I wrote an essay on sexuality, and my professor promoted it. From then on, I started to do sex education. I didn't really know about LGBT revolution. But by being with friends who share the same values, I fulfilled my self-identification.

Geoff Chin

我是来自马来西亚的华人,目前是洛杉矶同志中心的全职员工。我当时没有和爸妈出柜,因为我觉得我身在美国,而他们在马来西亚。我回去就像丢给他们一个包袱,却没办法保护他们。 I am a Malaysian Chinese, and I'm currently a staff at Los Angeles LGBT Center. I didn't come out to my parents because I'm living in the U.S. while they were in Malaysia. If I just went back and came out to them, it felt like I threw them some burden without protecting them.

Ada Yan

作为一个双性恋,我遭到了社群里的一些歧视。所以,在杭州我想创建一个多元的空间,让大家都可以表达自己。 As a bisexual, I've suffered some discrimination from within the community. So I wanted to create a diverse space in Hangzhou where everyone can express themselves.

Justin Wang

我的前男友和一个拉拉的形婚,对我打击很大。我觉得是这个社会的不包容,才让他会这样。所以我决定站出来,做一些什么。 My ex-boyfriend had a fake marriage with a lesbian, and it was a a real shock to me. I think it is because the society is intolerant that he had to do this way. So I decided to stand out and do something.


我小学的时候就开始暗恋女生了,我不觉得这是什么问题。 I started to have crush on girls from elementary school. I never regard being lesbian as a problem.

Eros Li

我记得幼儿园的时候,老师给我们看外国电影"茜茜公主"。大家都在说公主好漂亮,可我就没有在看那个公主,我比较喜欢王子。 I remember when I was in kindergarten, the teacher showed us the film "Sissi". All the other kids said, oh the princess is so pretty. But I only cared about the handsome prince.

Liu Shi

我是2014年世界同志运动会上唯一的中国参赛者。 I was the only Chinese player in the Gay Games 2014.


同性婚姻,怎么都需要十来年吧,就看有多少个人肯投入这里,多少组织肯投入那里了。 The legalization of same-sex marriage in China needs at least ten years. It depends on how many individuals and organizations are willing to devote into the cause.

Darick Qin

我三年前第一次参加上海骄傲节,在那次的骄傲跑上我认识了Charlene,我们去年在夏威夷结婚了。 I participated ShanghaiPRIDE three years ago, and met Charlene in the Pride Run. We got married in Hawaii last year.

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Charlene Liu

中国体制的压制可以让我们更有创造力。我们没有权利在街上游行,但很可能我们并不真正需要它。 The oppression in China stimulates our creativity. We don't have the right to parade. But perhaps we don't really need it.

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