we need real freedom of speech

我们需要 的 言论自由

  • Chinese textbooks say homosexuality is mental illness.

  • In China 2016, there is still no Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.

  • Everything is censored. "Sensitive" content are immediately deleted.

  • In 2016, electric shock therapy is still used as a "gay cure" in parts of China. 

  • A Gay high school drama was removed from all streaming sites. 

  • 一些教材仍把同性恋视作精神病.

  • 在中国大陆,我们无法登陆外国网站如Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

  • 严苛的审查机制。“敏感”内容会立刻被删除

  • 在中国一些地方,电击治疗仍被当作“治疗同性恋”的一种手段

  • 同志题材的偶像剧在所有网站被移除. 


The list goes on and on | 类似的例子不胜枚举

But people never give up


Community can transform lives.

Only 5% of China's LGBT citizens have come out of the closet.

People don't know each other's existence.

But joining the community can help individuals gain confidence,

and break the invisible wall.

Little by little, people will know what LGBT means,

that they have diverse and wonderful souls.


中国只有 5% 的LGBT出柜






How it all started.

Ashley fell in love with a girl, in horror.

When Ashley was 18, she didn't even dare to say the word "lesbian." She thought she and her girlfriend were the only "perverts" in China. But after she picked up Gender Studies in France, her whole perspective changed. 

Ashley started to volunteer at ShanghaiPRIDE in 2014, and she gained so much support and confidence from the local community that she came out to her family and finally got accepted in two years.

After she moved to Los Angeles for her graduate study at USC, she continued LGBT advocacy. As a volunteer at Los Angeles LGBT Center, she got to meet many Chinese LGBT activists from many places. Their sacrifice and spirit were so moving that she decided to do something.



她18 岁的时候甚至不敢说“同性恋”三个字。她以为她和当时的女朋友是全中国唯一的两个”变态“。不过,当她在法国学习了性别研究后,她的三观重塑了。



Then the bulb lit up.

Let's tell these hidden stories,

and put them at a safe place.

Five Chinese feminists were put into jail in 2015 because they protested domestic violence in public. People can get detained if they published provocative anti-communist party content online. LGBT is on the government's blacklist.

But visibility is critical. Stories are powerful. Thanks to the great Internet, we are here to tell the real stories.