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EAST CHINA  • 华东地区

成立于2016年9月的世一大万花筒 (SDUKaleidoscope, 简称SDUK) 作为山东大学彩虹小组,致力于构建和谐的校园性少数社群,服务校园LGBTQ群体。一年多来,万花筒发掘了艾滋讲座、毕业晚会等品牌活动。

Established in September 2016, SDUKaleidoscope(SDUK) serves as the LGBTQ group in Shandong University. SDUK aims to serve sexual minorities in school and provide with a harmonious LGBTQ community. In the past two years, SDUK has introduced some brand activities (e.g., HIV seminar and graduation party).


Jiangsu Tongtian Working Group is located in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province in China, was established in April 2002, mainly financially supported by the Barry & Martin’s Trust through Qingdao “Friends Communications” project team. It is a not-for-profit non-governmental organization. The Working Group’s founder and first coordinator is Mr. Qin Xu (a pseudonym).  There are 24 formal volunteers in current. 

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