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EROS Li 超超


"My favorite Italian singer is Eros Ramazzotti, so I called myself Eros. Also, it means God of Love. I like it." 


Eros is from Guangzhou, the third largest city in China. Located at the coast in Southern China, the city is known for its openness and tolerant environment. 


The non-profit organization Parents For Lesbian and Gay, or PFLAG China, has its office in Guangzhou. With 8 full-time staff, it is one of the biggest LGBT organizations in China. Eros is the Fundraising Manager.

"Fundraising in China is particularly difficult because it's a society lacking trust and honesty." But luckily, parents who support their LGBT children are really generous, he said. 


From 18 years old, Eros had worked in an elementary school as a music teacher for 13 years. He loves playing the piano, singing, and being with his students. 


"Teaching music is a job I really like. However, it's almost impossible to come out in that context."


Three years ago, Eros got the opportunity to join PFLAG China. He said this experience totally changed his life.

"By working with people who care about the community, who love and respect people, I gain the positive energy every single day. I don't feel afraid and ashamed any more. I want to do as much as I can to contribute to the community."

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