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Population 13,080,500 (Year 2014)

Status Third largest city in China (after Beijing & Shanghai)

Language Cantonese is the first language for half of the residents.

LGBT PFLAG China was founded in Guangzhou in 2008.

Culture A sizable African population

LGBT Organization Fewer than 10 

PFLAG China ( short for Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays of China) was established on June 28, 2008. By far, it has reached over 40 cities in China, with more than 500 LGBT volunteers and more than 300 volunteers who are families and friends of LGBT. By means of dialogues, exchanges, helpline, lectures and other activities, PFLAG China strives to encourage LGBT people to embrace their own identity; to facilitate communication and understanding between LGBT and their families and friends; and to publicly advocate equality between sexual orientations and improve the social visibility of LGBT people.

同性恋亲友会(英文简称PFLAG China,意为中国男女同性恋者的父母、家人和朋友)成立于2008年,为中国的LGBT群体和亲友提供支持服务。同性恋亲友会是一个独立的草根组织,不属于任何组织的分部。


Zhitong Guangzhou LGBT Center 智同

At the Zhitong Guangzhou LGBT Center we advocate for health, equality and diversity. We are dedicated to opposing discrimination in all forms and providing health-related programs for the LGBTQ community in China.

We are involved in numerous charitable activities in Beijing, Xi’an, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong, including anti-discrimination advocacy for sexual minorities, cultural and artist development, volunteer capacity development, as well as HIV prevention and treatment for gay men.




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