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ShanghaiPRIDE 上海骄傲节


Population 24,152,770 (Year 2015)

Finance Global financial center & transporation hub

Culture Traditional Chinese Culture + Deep affect of Western culture

LGBT First Pride event in Mainland China in 2009

Education First LGBT studies program in Mainland China

(Fudan University 2005)

LGBT Organization Fewer than 10 


The first ShanghaiPRIDE came into being with a bang in 2009, thanks to the tireless commitment of a small group of volunteers. Their hope was, and still remains, that ShanghaiPRIDE can raise the awareness and visibility of the LGBT community in China and thereby increase acceptance and tolerance.


ShanghaiPRIDE is a diverse and colorful celebration of all that’s great about being gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered. In a country where only a tiny slice of the estimated 50 million LGBT people are out to themselves and others, ShanghaiPRIDE is a poignant reminder that a lot of progress still needs to be made in Chinese society to help people feel comfortable with the way they were born.

Shanghai NvAi 上海女爱

Shanghai NvAi was established in 2005 and it is the only lesbian nonprofit organization in Shanghai. It aims to facilitate communication in the lesbian community, spread lesbian culture, promote self-identification and public recognition, advocate for diversity and equality, and reduce discrimination based on gender and sexuaity.


Since its establishement, Shanghai NvAi has a variety of projects including setting hotline, training volunteers, holding cultural salons, speaking in college courses on homosexuality, organizing Pride events, compiling oral history book "Their Love is Speaking - Women Who Love Women in Shanghai", holding Lesbian Film Festival Shanghai, and etc.


上海女爱成立至今,成立了热线、志愿者自我培训、 各类文化沙龙主题活动、参与大学同性恋公选课课程,开展骄傲活动、编撰口述历史书籍《她们的爱在说—上海会爱上女人的女人》、承办“拉拉影展-上海站”活动、拉拉电影沙龙、女爱书房、周年庆、女爱旅行、团体运动项目、各地活动等等

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